The best way to earn money by writing online 2024 Lekha Lekhi Kore Taka Income 2024

The best way to earn money by writing online 2024 Lekha Lekhi Kore Taka Income 2024

Today I will talk about one of the easiest ways to make money online.And that’s income from blogging your own.You will get the best way to make money writing from home in 2024.

Earn money by writing 2024 Online income BD Payment Bkash in 2024

You can make money by writing about any interesting and educational topic of your choice.
This will require a smartphone and writing skills.

Video Tutorial Proof of Income 60,000/month

Money income 2024 by writing

You can do everything with mobile, those who want to start writing now, first open the website for yourself, you will not lose any money, everything can be done completely free of charge.
Those who don’t understand how to open a website in Blogger, go to YouTube and search for “rules for opening a website in Blogger”, then you will know how to open a website.
You can start writing when the site is finished opening.
And the more people read your articles, the more money you can earn.
You can apply to Google Adsense by writing.
If your writing is standard then you will get approved in Google adsense.
The latter will be available as money in a Bikash or Bangladesh bank account.

How to make money with mobile apps in 2024

Currently, money can be earned with Mobile App, but it is never possible to earn good quality money by working on other’s app.If you are thinking of earning lifetime more money through mobile apps. Then you have to make an app yourself. What are you thinking? It’s hard work, isn’t it?You are wrong, come 2024 it is very easy for those who don’t know how to earn money by making mobile apps, they should go to YouTube and learn about it now.

Make money from Facebook page or group in 2024

Yes guys, if you have a good quality Facebook page or group, you can easily make money from it.

To do this, you need to open a website or blogger page and share the link on that page.

You can open a website on Blogger for free.

Then you can earn money by placing ads from a good advertising network on the website.

You can also earn a lot of money from your Facebook page by using Facebook Future Instant Articles.


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