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Video with Chat Gpt –

Assalamu Alaikum I hope you are all well, those of you who want to earn from home by creating video content online from YouTube. Today`s article is completely for them. If you read, read and understand this article from the beginning to the end –

I promise and guarantee to you as a small freelancer that you can definitely earn 500 to 5000 dollars per month from YouTube by creating YouTube video content very easily from today with this new AI chat gpt tools.

What is Chat Gpt?

The full name of Chat GPT is Chat Generative Pretrend Transformer. It is developed by Open Artificial Intelligence which is a type of chat bot.It will only work on artificial intelligence through artificial intelligence.When you receive it, you can speak in Word and have enough information to answer.

How does Chat GPT work ?

Chat GPT’s website provides detailed information on how it works. In fact it is specially designed by the developer of the company and the data used here, this chat bot finds the answer to your search query and then answers it correctly, in the correct language and then displays the result in front of you. Here you will get an option to say whether you are satisfied with the answer given by it.

It constantly updates its data store no matter what answer you give. However, for your information we tell you that the training of CHAT GPT is over in 2022.

How to use Chat GPT ?

To use gpt chat, you must first log in to the gpt chat website and create an account.
You can create an account completely free but there is no paid system working in Bangladesh gpt chat yet.
Until now, everyone can use the services of the GPT Chat website for free.

f you want to know how to create chat gpt account properly and easily then visit this link – Video

Making YouTube videos with Chat Gpt-

Earn money online by making YouTube videos with Chat Gpt

To create videos for YouTube with Chat GPT software or tools you should first notice the following points-
1. Prepare the script for the video. (For this task we will take help of Chat GPT)
2. Audio files should be created from the script.

3. Copyright free video footage should be downloaded from free stock websites. (We will take the help of this website

4. Good video editing.

Scripts for creating videos

First we will need our script to create any type of YouTube video, then we will write the script through chat GPT.

Before making the video, write the script that is related to the script, but you need to recharge the keywords.

Suppose you make a video related to technology and write the script. In that case, you should prepare some headlines about the technology in advance

For example I am giving you three topics or headlines about technology-

1. What is technology?

2. Why do we need to use technology?

3. What is the main goal of technology?

Now the work we will do regarding these three topics above, first we will go to the chat GPT and search with this topic, we will write the contents and save them in the word file for the next step.

Now we will do the third task first, i.e.
we will easily download videos related to this topic from free websites.
There are many websites where you can get free images, i.e.
royalty-free video clips.
For example, I write the name of a website and give the address, from there you will download a relative video sequence to your computer to create the content you want to create for your video.
Website to get free videos – https: //

Audio file creation + video editing

Creating audio files from Skip and editing videos will be done very quickly and easily with the help of one website –

To do the two tasks of creating audio and editing video, you first open the website from the URL of this website above and login to your account with any of your Gmail ID.

After that, an interface will appear in front of you when you login to the account like the image below.

After that you will click on Create a New Project or Creative Video option from there. After that, a new project interface will appear in front of you. From there, if you select the audio section, the interface for creating audio clips from text will appear in front of you. There you can easily edit your video footage and audio by editing it beautifully, automatically your YouTube. You can make a beautiful video for the channel.

You can follow this video below to see this complete video editing audio creation and how you can script with text from 4gbd – Video

What is ChatGpt? How ChatGpt works –

Hopefully, if you follow the above rules, you will be able to create beautiful videos in no time with the help of Chat GPT and these websites.

I hope this post will definitely be useful for those who want to work with videos and earn from videos.

Also, if you have any queries related to this, please let us know on our Facebook page or in our post comments.

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