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General computer knowledge questions and answers –Dearguests/readers/readers of our website, welcome to today’s article.Computers are one of the most important devices of modern times.There is no substitute for this computer to know the whole world.Computer science is one of the fields of information and communication technology.

You have many detailed questions about computers.You will get answers to all these detailed questions in our today’s article.Those who have questions about general computer knowledge should read our today’s article carefully until the end and get answers.

What is Computer General Knowledge?

General computer knowledge is basic knowledge about computers.What is a computer? What are the components of a computer? What are the functions of a computer? How to use the computer?
Typing, learning keyboard commands, knowing how to turn on and off the computer and how to connect the computer to the Internet, how to disconnect the computer from the Internet, all of these are called general computer knowledge shouted.

Some important information about computers

A computer is a engine capable of carrying out a number of tasks or commands in a very short period of time.The word computer come from from the Greek word calculus.The Greek word calculate literally means to calculate or analyze.The word computer means calculating machine.A man named Charles Babbage invented the modern computer.Computers perform these three methods, from input processing to output.

How do computers work?

The computer operates according to the user’s instructions.
In general, computers operate in combination of two means.
The two ways computers work are hardware and software.
Hardware and software are the lifeblood of computers.
Computers cannot operate without these two numbers

What parts do computers work through?

A computer is an electronic device that takes certain information from a user and accepts it as input through an input device, and processes the mathematical and logical parameters of that information through a processor.and give specific output.

Computer General Knowledge Questions and Answers


What does computer mean?

Answer: Calculating machine.

Who is the inventor of the computer?

Answer: Howard Aikin.

Who is the father of modern computers?

Answer: Charles Babbage.

From which word does the word computer originate?

Answer: From the Greek word compute.

Which one is not on the computer?

Answer: Intelligence considerations.

Which controls the operation of the computer?

Answer: Central processing unit.

Who is the legend of the current computer world?

Answer: Bill Gates.

What do you call computer parts?

Answer: Hardware.

What is the main printed circuit board of the computer called?

Answer: Motherboard.

What is the permanent memory of the computer?

Answer: Rome.

Who is called the brain of the computer?

Answer: Microprocessor.

What is computer RAM?

Answer: Memory.

What does the word micro mean?

Answer: Miniature.

What is a PowerPoint file called?

Answer: Presentation.

How many types of drives are there in the computer?

Answer: Three types.


Which of the following is used to store and transfer computer data?

Answer: Pen drive.

What is the set of programs used by the computer?

Answer: Software.

Which hardware does not work without?

Answer: Software.

What does safe mean?

Answer: Save.

Why is caps lock used?

Answer: For capital writing.

How many is home on the keyboard?

Answer: One.

Which computer is called a personal computer?

Answer: Microcomputer.

What is the number of arrows on the keyboard?

Answer: Four.

How many Alt keys are there on the keyboard?

Answer: Two.

How many windows on the keyboard?

Answer: Two.

How many ESCs on the keyboard?

Answer: One.

What is HTML?

Answer: A program.


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